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Nissan Cefiro in India?
...Japan's second largest carmaker, Nissan's manufacturing alliance with Suzuki for the Indian market is just the start of its big India plans. A premium mid-sizer and small cars are in the pipeline and they could be a part of its next round of announcements in July, reports CNBC-TV18. This premium...

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Nissan Cefiro History
Cefiro HistoryThe Nissan Cefiro is an intermediate-size car manufactured by Nissan in Japan, launched in 1988 and arguably a new-generation Nissan Laurel, although both models were produced in tandem for a period of time.

Since 1994 it has the same chassis as the Nissan Maxima (A32), although prior to that was a completely separate model (A31), which uses the floorplan from the R32 Nissan Skyline and is therefore FR (Front Engine, Rear wheel drive). Nissan changed the market orientation of the Cefiro from a premium sports saloon to an executive saloon with the advent of the A32 series.

Since the beginning of production this model had body type Sedan.

GH-A33Aug 2002
GF-A33, GF-PA33Jan 2001
GF-A33, GF-PA33Jan 2000
E-A32, E-PA32, E-HA32Jan 1998
E-A32, E-PA32, E-HA32Jan 1997
E-A32, E-PA32, E-HA32May 1996
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